About the Tribe

Tribal is more than just parts. We are a tribe. We don’t just fight for your business; we fight alongside you, to help you win new customers and grow your business. When you choose Tribal, you join our tribe, and we join yours.

Why Buy From Tribal?

Tribal understands that your reputation—and your good name—is attached to every product you sell. When you choose Tribal products for your customers, you’re choosing unmatched quality and innovation. You will have peace of mind knowing that Tribal’s raw material supply is miles away, not continents away. That your shipment will go out on time. And that everything we sell is manufactured to strict quality standards.

We’re competitive in this industry. What does competitive mean exactly? It means we will always have a good price. We work with our customers on demand forecasts. We understand manufacturing, because it’s what we do. We are not some distant trading company.

Tribal ships product all over the world, and has the confidence of Fortune 500 companies, to family owned entities.

What Can You Expect From Tribal?

We’re here to make you look good—Tribal is a hassle-free, worry-free supplier who gets you what you need, when you need it. Many purchasing agents have told us that they are tired of dealing with other suppliers’ problems, and claimed that they do not have these concerns when working with Tribal. We pride ourselves on having provided solutions to customers that have helped them grow their business. Communication, honesty and integrity are at the cornerstone of how we do business.

How Did Tribal Get Where it is Today?

From the time Tribal purchased the assets of a large brass fitting manufacturer in 2009, we worked closely with code officials, listing agencies and customers to develop products for the Safe Water Drinking Act. Today, Tribal has invested millions of dollars in new technologies that will bring the company into the next generation of manufactured parts.

During the time in the height of global outsourcing, Tribal was adding American jobs to its manufacturing base. We now operate 2 fully equipped ISO-9001:2015 production facilities, Marshall, Michigan and Chesnee, South Carolina.

Ready to Learn More?

We have one of the most diverse fleets of machines in the industry, which enables us to provide a full package of parts to any customer. Tribal can offer turnkey packages for manufactured parts that are fully packaged in customer specified bags and boxes. We not only manufacture products from non-ferrous brass alloys, but we also produce parts made from steel, aluminum and boutique alloys.

Tribal supplies a wide variety of industries, including parts used in potable water applications. Tribal has a vast amount of products listed through NSF that are certified as safe for potable water. This ensures your end user that the parts we made for potable water are safe, listed and manufactured from alloys crafted right here in America.

Make the right connection. Tribal.

For further information contact:
Jordan Demond Jordan.demond@tribalmfg.com