Our Foundation

At Tribal, engineered quality is our foundation. It is elemental to our brand and is likely what sells us best. We will work to build your brand with this engineered quality. Let us demonstrate our quality with a few quick facts.

Quality Quick Facts

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • Zero major non-conformances with ISO certifications
  • Serve many large multi-national customers / partners
  • Consistently pass / surpass customer quality expectations
  • Produce millions of parts each month without incident
  • More than 100 listings on different parts and assemblies
  • Vast investment in production and quality equipment
  • Focused Quality Department is on staff full time
  • 100% Commitment to quality, from raw materials to shipped, finished goods

“Hi John, many thanks to you and your team for your warm welcome and all of your support. Tribal is a top supplier.”

– Operations Manager, Plumbing Industry

“My parts are delivered on time, in spec, and I have no worries.”

– Director of Purchasing, Plumbing Industry

“We were really impressed with  your quality systems….top notch company.”

– Commodity Manager, Major Manufacturer to Plumbing Industry

“Dear Tribal management, We would like to thank you for the visit , we were pleased with your company’s performance and the audit came out positively.”

– Senior Quality Manager, Global Manufacturer

Quality & Brand Building

Quality can be sold. In some ways, quality should be sold. Companies that move away from quality often suffer or even die, with surprising predictability and even efficiency. The best companies never move away from quality; they think about it, embrace it, charge for it. Consider the best, longest-standing brands and the worst, shortest-lived brands in the world. Likely, what differentiates them is their focus, or lack of focus, on quality. Customers will not only pay for quality — but they appreciate it. Quality, like almost no other component in your business machine, builds brands. When you invest in quality, you make the best long-term investment your company can make: brand reputation.

Quality & the Tribe

While we have listings, accreditations and more, our reputation and market success are quite possibly the best proof of Tribal quality. There is no greater indicator of performance than decades of quality and success. Many companies — small to large — choose Tribal for quality.

Machined Parts

If there was ever an input category that required an extra dose of quality, it would be machined metal parts. Oftentimes, these parts are installed in mission-critical applications. Should they fail, the product or installation experiences catastrophic failure, which is expensive — or worse. In terms of risk management, machined parts are one of the last products where quality should be compromised. Choosing a quality vendor is the best way to control quality.


Before doing business with Tribal, many companies will send out quality audit teams. These teams consist of very qualified, intelligent quality experts and engineers. These include teams from the largest, multi-national companies in the world. Time after time, they review Tribal, approve Tribal and move quickly into a buying relationship with Tribal.

ISO Certification

Tribal is ISO 9001:2015 certified. This certification serves as proof that we know how to make a quality part. We are engineered quality. Furthermore, our factory in Marshall, Michigan has been an ISO facility for more than 15 years, and during that time; it has never had a single major nonconformance. This is a quality record of which we are very proud.

Certifications, Listings and Associations

Tribal holds a vast array of other certifications and approvals with NSF, UL and CSA listed products. There are few companies in the world with more listings than Tribal. These listings speak to our organization, experience and investment in quality.


At Tribal, we employ dozens of men and women who have served in the machining and manufacturing industry for decades. The cumulative years of experience are in the hundreds, and in total, Tribal’s experience rivals any like company’s experience … in the world. Tribal’s facility resides in the heart of machining country; Marshall, Michigan, USA.

Facility / Equipment

The Tribal facility is a fortress of quality. From the building to the equipment, we have invested in quality. We have quality machining equipment, tooling, material handling equipment, quality control cameras, quality control measuring devices and more in order to support our absolute commitment to quality. Tribal’s efficient factory layout and quality automated material handling systems are very rare in the world of machining.

Raw Materials

Quality starts with raw materials. This might seem like common sense; however, it isn’t always. Many machining companies, especially those in “low-cost countries,” frequently cheat on material. This can be dangerous and expensive. Even if the part looks good and checks out to measurement specifications, bad material will break down over time. In order to ensure quality for your parts, you must choose a vendor that knows and cares for the raw material quality. We know raw material well and can safeguard it carefully.

The Quality Machine

Tribal, as an organization, is a quality machine. While there are many components to this machine, there is no single element or secret. At the core of Tribal’s quality method is Statistical Process Control (SPC). Each order follows an exacting path, with checks and balances along the way. The parts that follow the path are also checked and re-checked. Measures are taken. Variances explored. Documents are gathered and stored. Communication flows. Using this method, quality is a repeatable formula. So, at Tribal, we not only master manufacturing — on quality machines with quality machinists — in a sense, we are a well-oiled, quality machine.