Expanding To Better Meet Your Needs

Each time Tribal Manufacturing expands its operations, capabilities or product lines, so do the opportunities for our customers to grow in their own businesses. Tribal is more than just parts: We’re about partnerships, innovation, and most important, your success.

Marshall, Michigan Production Facility Overview

Tribal operates an ISO 9001:2015 production facility in Marshall, Michigan, that manufactures quality straight and directional-machined parts and fittings, as well as the assemblies created from those parts, staffed by 100 employees. The operation has been ISO certified for more than 15 years and has never experienced a major non-conformance. Tribal also holds numerous certifications and approvals with NSF, UL and CSA.

Our capabilities include: a large fleet of rotary transfers, and screw machines -1/4″ – 2″, CNC machining equipment, automation from bar stock to borings, as well as automated secondary equipment, annealing equipment, washing equipment, oil management equipment, and packaging equipment.

Chesnee, South Carolina Production Facility Overview

Acquired in 2015, our operation in Chesnee, South Carolina is staffed by over 150 employees who are responsible for machining millions of pounds of ECO Brass, 360 Brass, 27450, as well as steel components into a full line of flare, compression, nipples and accessories. The operation also has packaging and assembly capabilities.

The Chesnee factory is ISO 9001:2015-certified, manufactures NFS listed parts, and its 160-machine fleet includes: Davenports, ACME’s, New Britains, Rotary Transfers, CNC machining including Tsugami, Brown & Sharps and more.