Tribal is inventive. Our people and company have been party to dozens of patents; we have patents pending. We understand the importance and power of new ideas. We can and will be inventive for you. We understand that your business is driven by the next product. Join the tribe — and see how we can help you invent to grow your business.

Innovation Quick Facts

  • Engineering Department to Support R&D
  • Experience Innovating / Patent Work
  • 3D Modeling
  • Sourcing Experience
  • Experience in machining, stamping, injection molding, bending, forming, assembling, testing and more


At Tribal, we have served many customers on product development projects. Often, we contribute to the design. We draw on our machining experience and other manufacturing experiences. When you have a relationship with Tribal, we are on your team — and we will work to impress you with our experience and creativity.

Speed to Market

We can and will work fast in order to bring your products to life. With our large fleet of production and engineering capabilities, we are able to perform most development steps in house. This translates into speed. Faster to market is faster to profits.

Currently, there are many industry trends that are demanding development. We can serve you:

Green Products
We can machine in green alloys. We machine millions of parts in eco alloys now.
We can put the pieces together — literally. We can test them too.
We have experience manufacturing complete valves and other specialty valves, from machining the parts to assembling the parts; we may be able to manufacture your custom valve or like product or assembly.
Material Combinations
With our experience, sources and relationships, we can combine metals and plastics — such as brass, steel, copper and plastic. We already do … and we can do this for you. This is unique; we are more than metals. We can provide this service for you.
Standards & Listings
We can work with you to develop standards and obtain listings. We already do … and we can do this for you. This is unique; we are more than metals.


The Method

There is something of a method to innovation; it is a function of experience and talent … but it also must be processed through an organized method. We are good at this project organization. We can follow your process — or we can help lead it.

  • Phase 1: Concept Rough-in / Development
  • Phase 2: Concept Finish / Perfection
  • Phase 3: Concept Prototyping, Testing & Listing
  • Phase 4: Concept Tooling & Sourcing
  • Phase 5: Concept Manufacturing & Delivery
Of course, there can and will be variations from the above.