Our Greatest Advantage

Tribal’s capabilities are rare. They are one of our greatest advantages. We have an incredible fleet of automation machining equipment built for both straight and directional fittings. We have coupled this with high technology raw material handling equipment, high technology quality control equipment and high technology post processing equipment. With this battle machine, Tribal is hard to beat — and will serve you well in the daily business trenches. Let us demonstrate our capabilities with a few quick facts.

Capability Quick Facts

  • Large Fleet of Rotary Transfer Machines – 1/2″ – 1″
  • Large Fleet of Screw Machines – 1/4″ – 2-5/8″
  • CNC Machining Equipment, for special projects and prototypes
  • Auto handling Equipment – Bar Stock, Chip Handling
  • Auto Secondary Equipment
  • Auto Part Handling Equipment
  • Auto Annealing Equipment
  • Auto Washing Equipment
  • Auto Oil Management Equipment
  • Auto Packaging Equipment … and more
  • Tribal can produce millions of directional parts each month
  • Tribal can produce millions of straight parts each month
  • Tribal produces product for customers in lots of millions to less than five thousand parts
  • In total, we produce tens of millions of parts each year
  • For more information, please read about the Diversity in Our Machines

“Scott, please thank everyone at Tribal for coming through for me … you guys really stepped up to the plate, and made it happen under an extremely tight deadline. I can’t thank you enough.”

– Purchasing Manager, Gas Industry


“We were really impressed with  your quality systems….top notch company.”

– Commodity Manager, Major Manufacturer to Plumbing Industry


“You have a great team at Tribal….everyone at the plant is really engaged, friendly and I can see the employees really are treated well.”

– Senior Purchasing Manager, Pipe Manufacturer


“Thank you so much for all your support on our project.”

– Project Engineer, Automotive Industry


We couple our manufacturing capabilities with world-class service — from value engineering to value sourcing. These services come free, of course, when you have a relationship with the tribe. Below, we list some of these services.

Value Engineering
We can examine your design and make recommendations for improvements, materials savings and more.
Value Sourcing
We can examine your project and make recommendations for sources — or even manage those sources on your behalf for assemblies or subassemblies or more.
Joint Presentations
We can partner with you for a joint presentation to your customers, selling them the advantages of Tribal’s product, quality, service and more.
Custom Packaging
We can custom pack your product, private label and even drop ship the product as required. We have custom packaging experience, sources and equipment to support you.
Custom Product Markings
We can custom mark your products to your specifications.



With our broad and deep fleet of equipment, we can produce both large volume and smaller volume lots. We have the capacity. This allows us to serve many different customers and different kinds of customers. Often, customers will have a few SKUs that have high volumes. They also have a few SKUs with lower volumes. We can do both very well.

Automation Speed

With our automation equipment, we reach world-class cycle times. This speed allows us to reduce our pricing for our customers. It also allows us to turn around more parts in shorter periods of time.

Shapes / Sizes

We have a wide range of size capabilities — for straights and directionals: 1/4″ barstock up to 2″ barstock and even larger on limited volume runs.

Vendor Management

These capability investments help customers to control vendor management costs, such as freight management, quality management, receiving management, purchasing management and more. These costs are “lost” on less sophisticated buyers. They are not lost on you.

Post Processing Power

We are able to manage many secondary processes in house — from cuts and punches offline to processing inline. If you draw it, we probably can make it … and make it fast.

Equipment Investments

We have a deep and flexible fleet of equipment. This array is ready to serve you.

Rotary Transfer Equipment
We have one of the largest fleets of rotary transfer equipment in the world. This allows us to produce straight and directional parts from barstock at world-class production speeds.
Screw Machining Equipment
We have a deep line of screw machines. This equipment ranges in capabilities. We will match the right machine to your project to minimize cost and maximize output needs.
Raw Material Handling Equipment
We have a rare investment in bar handling, chip handling, chip processing, oil processing and other raw material handling equipment. This equipment improves quality, cuts down on labor, increases turn around time and more.
Quality Control Equipment
We have a significant investment in quality control equipment. This allows us to turn around first articles and maintain high quality controls throughout the day — on all work centers — day after day.


Machining Many Metals

We manufacture products from numerous alloys including:

  • C36000
  • C69300 Eco-Brass
  • C27450
  • C31400
  • Cast Alloys
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Plated Products … and more