The Hubz™ System Tribal’s Hubz system is not complicated.  Not much is complicated in the world of pipe and fittings and rough plumbing systems, for that matter.  But Hubz is really, very simple – even for rough plumbing standards. And yet it’s the simplicity that is exciting plumbers and wholesalers across the country. How does it work? Hubz is a simple male and female connection, but it’s more than meets the eye.  The male side,
Tribal Manufacturing has launched its new website, to showcase its extensive line of American-manufactured brass and PEX fittings along with its new Hubz product line that’s currently available for wholesale pre-orders. With two manufacturing plants strategically located in Marshall, Michigan and Chesnee, South Carolina, Tribal is well poised to meet the growing demands for tariff-free brass fittings as Ameri In addition to providing OEM solutions for its customers, Tribal offers a wide range of
Tribal Manufacturing is excited to announce the launch of its new plumbing system, Hubz, to the rough plumbing market with the HubzPro Fill Valve. Hubz is the new, modular plumbing connection system from Tribal engineered to reduce installation time and costs while increasing wholesaler profit margins by reducing unnecessary stock. Hubz modular and universal connections and adapters allow installers to easily configure any on-site installation without tools quickly and efficiently. BENEFITS The Hubz fill valve
Tribal Manufacturing sells the only domestically-manufactured dishwasher elbow in the US. Made from high quality, ECO BRASS that’s sourced right here in the US, our elbow provides plumbers and contractors a precision-crafted fitting that’s resistant to corrosion and mineral build up so common in inferior and imported brass. The high-temperature resistant washer guarantees long-lasting performance, which reduces potential leaks and water damage. Like most of Tribal’s fittings, the dishwasher elbow is NSF-listed, which guarantees safe,
Tribal’s lead-free drop ear elbows provide contractors and plumbers a high-quality, tariff-free product that’s strong, versatile and American made. Built out of lead-free, ECO BRASS® that’s sourced right here in the US, it resists corrosion, rust and mineral build-up, unlike other imported products. In addition, the use of American-sourced raw material ensures the Tribal drop ear elbow won’t be subjected to current and future brass tariffs, reducing potential wholesaler profit losses. The three-ear design delivers