Tariff Free Brass Fittings


Come January 2019, there is a new tariff in town.  Most brass fittings, including brass plumbing fittings and brass gas fittings and other copper alloy products, will have somewhere around 25% slapped onto them.  Tribal has you covered!
Shore up your supply channel with Tribal.  We make brass fittings in the USA.  Yep.  You read that correctly.  We machine millions of brass fittings in our 2 large, production oriented and highly automated brass fittings factories in Marshall, Michigan and Chesnee, South Carolina.
From these factories, we will serve you.  You will receive the highest quality, tariff-free brass fittings — such as tariff free brass plumbing fittings and tariff free brass gas fittings.  And, we will surprise you with the price!
To help you find what you are looking for, and as a quick tease and reminder, we offer these USA made, tariff free brass fittings in the following categories:
  • Brass fittings – Eco brass: Insert brass fittings for PEX ASTM 1807
  • Brass fittings – Eco brass: Cold expansion fittings ASTM 1960 and ASTM 2080
  • Brass fittings – Eco brass: Compression fittings for radiant heating: ASTM 1974
  • Brass fittings – Eco brass: Compression fittings
  • Brass fittings – Standard brass: Flare fittings
  • Brass fittings – Many more types and styles and options, including nipples, hose, garden, gas and more!