HVAC & Refrigeration Fittings

Tribal makes fittings. We make them for the plumbing and gas industry. We sell them through distribution and to OEM customers of all stripes. But, we also manufacture and sell brass fittings to the HVAC and refrigeration markets and through HVAC and refrigeration distributors. If you are a customer such as this, who is interested in buying shelf item or custom quoted HVAC brass fittings or refrigeration brass fittings, please give us a call

We cut metal by the ton, and we will do it for you too!

Note: if you are a hvac products distributor or a refrigeration products distributor or a HVAC sales representative or a refrigeration sales representative — and you would like to partner on a deeper level with Tribal, let us know. We are open and flexible to such ideas. We can private label and custom package — with automated bagging and boxing equipment. Contact us today.