Hubz™ & Time Savings

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Hubz™ and Time Savings

Time is money.

Each plumber does their own math. Some work faster, some work more slowly so the cost of labor varies. Some may be around $30/hour while others may be $75/hour or higher. How it is valued is relative, but valued nonetheless.

Recently, a customer asked about Hubz and time savings. How much time (and money) does Hubz save? So we broke it down. Let’s look at each part and take a couple of concepts in detail and by way of example.

Hubz Stop System

When installing the Hubz stop system, where are the savings?  Most of the savings are at the finish.  The rough install is about the same.  To explain, the standard non-Hubz installation will require a test plug or cap (in most applications).  This test cap or plug requires time and material.  The Hubz receiver, loaded with the plastic test plug, is the same as the test plug or cap in a PEX install, CPVC install or a Push system install.  If a plumber uses a copper stub out, they have that to install.  So the labor will be the same.  At the finish is where you will find savings with Hubz.  At the finish, a plumber will have to cut off the test plug or cap.  They will have to install a stop onto the remaining stub solution.  This will required a torch, wrench, glue or a PEX tool.  This not only takes time but can also be an inconvenience requiring planning, hauling, more logistics and waste.  Hubz has no waste, requires no tools, and essentially takes no more time.  You save nearly all of the time at the finish.  If Hubz is replacing sweat, you save a lot of time.  If Hubz is replacing glue, we’re talking several minutes per valve. There are other benefits to using Hubz, like potential damage to the valve, mess, fumes, non-replaceable and non-rotatable.  If Hubz is replacing PEX, you save the time to handle, crimp or expand – but more importantly, this work is hard and clumsy and takes way more time than it should as you crawl under a cabinet or under a toilet.

So you can see, Hubz can save several dollars per valve!  Essentially making your valve free.  And, possibly just as important, you have a replaceable, rotatable and higher quality (no damage to valve) install that has less waste and requires less stock.

HubzPro™ Fill Valve

The HubzPro Fill Valve also saves a lot of time – and therefore money.  These time savings are available for both new work installers and repair installers.  They can be quite compelling for property owners or managers as the replacement is way faster in the future. You can sell it as a calling card if you are a repair plumber.

For new work plumbers, you can install the Hubz modular base shank (brass or glass filled nylon) in your shop or truck before the toilet is installed. This will help prevent the tank from cracking, improving quality.  Some may even want to connect the braided / other supply connector to the shank at the same time.  Later, when the toilet is installed, the fill valve can be dropped in.  This will ensure the quality of the install and that nothing is damaged or loosened during transit, saving time and improving quality out in the field.  Also, because the shank is a higher quality material, like brass or glass filled nylon, the chances of quality issues with a broken shank are essentially eliminated.  This saves risk and time.

For repair or facility maintenance, the savings are obvious.  Future replacements and installations are much, much faster.  There is no need to disconnect the supply connector or the fill valve from the tank.  There is no need to drain the tank therefore no mess from draining the tank. Subsequentially, you won’t have to reconnect the fill valve to the tank and risk cracking.  You don’t have reconnect the supply to the fill valve and risk breaking and not reaching a seal.

HubzPro provides loads of time savings – and so money savings – for everyone!

Other Hubz Systems

In much the same way as the Hubz stop system and the HubzPro fill valve, the rest of the Hubz line offering is modular, has double o-rings and a tool free connection.  This saves time, improves quality and saves inventory too (but that is for another post).  A few more quick examples:

Hubz Tankless Water Heater Connector.   A plumber can install nut to unit and then hand install Hubz and adapter. 

Hubz Water Heater Connector System. A plumber can install a water heater connector to the tank and then complete a modular, tool-free assembly in seconds – much like a choo choo train they can add a humidifier tee, a thermal expansion tank tee, a shut off valve and a system adapter.  In the past, this might have taken 30 minutes to 1 hour.  With Hubz, you can complete it in seconds to minutes.

Hubz Manifold System.  A plumber can build their own manifold or modify their manifold (ex. to make it a valved manifold) in seconds.  Without Hubz, a plumber would have to sweat on valves or buy a very expensive valved manifold that are prone to field damage and oftentimes need to be custom ordered.  This extra planning takes time: handling time, configuration time, building time, and not to mention damage control which takes time.  Hubz saves time.

There are many other Hubz solutions: check valves, boxes, copper stub outs, standard ball valves, sillcocks, fittings and more.   They are all designed to save time.

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