Hubz™ — The Basic Idea and System

By February 28, 2019 Uncategorized

The Hubz™ System

Tribal’s Hubz system is not complicated.  Not much is complicated in the world of pipe and fittings and rough plumbing systems, for that matter.  But Hubz is really, very simple – even for rough plumbing standards.

And yet it’s the simplicity that is exciting plumbers and wholesalers across the country.

How does it work?

Hubz is a simple male and female connection, but it’s more than meets the eye.  The male side, which is found on the stop valves and adapters, has two o-rings: a primary and a back-up.  These o-rings are protected by a glass-filled poly nut.  This nut protects the o-rings during shipping and handling.  The nut also serves an integral part of the joining system.  A plumber installer threads this nut onto the MIP threads on the O.D. of the receiver.  The threads don’t make the seal – the o-rings do.  Since the threads on the receiver are MIP, a plumber or a property owner can use those threads later to transition to an FIP valve or fitting, should they need to.  So, while Hubz is proprietary to Tribal – it’s an idea that is flexible and will allow for the FIP solution too.  Furthermore, the Hubz connection is tool free, fast and secure.  The sealing o-rings and sealing surface are protected during shipping and the rough.  Because it is modular and tool free, Hubz system installations are easy to service and replace.  Thus, they make a perfect solution for plumbing outlets and plumbing transitions.  They are also great solutions for inventory savings, space savings and labor savings.

Where do plumbers use Hubz most?

The Hubz connection method and design is available in a number of Tribal products.  The first product – and the source of the original idea – is the Hubz stop valve system.

The Hubz stop valve system is basically a series of adapter receivers – PEX crimp (1807), PEX expansion (1960), push, sweat and CPVC – that connect to the plumbing tube or pipe type on the inlet and transition to the Hubz valve at the outlet.

This changes the game for stub outs – especially PEX stub outs.  The receivers come loaded with a plastic test cap.  This test cap is removable and disposable at the finish.  By installing the Hubz receiver and cap at the rough, the plumber doesn’t have to use a test cap, so he saves labor and material at the finish.  Additionally, the plumber doesn’t have to use a tool to install a PEX stop valve at the finish.  This is a huge value because installing a PEX stub out on your backside while under a cabinet or toilet is not easy!  It’s also a pain to bring along a PEX tool to the finish!  Hubz stops are also rotatable and replaceable. If there is ever a problem, Hubz empowers a one minute fix or less.  This is a big difference and savings.

Other Hubz products

Hubz is also available in a number of products, including:  Fill Valve, Manifold, Boxes, Copper Stub Outs, Tankless Water Heater Connectors, Water Heater Connectors, Check Valves, Standard Port Valves, Fittings and more. Visit for a complete product line.