Hubz™ & Inventory Savings

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Hubz and Inventory Savings

Inventory management is one of the most important concerns for wholesale distributors today.  Having the right parts on the shelf at the right time is essential.  If you don’t have the right product, the customer won’t have it to install – and certainly they can’t buy it!

But, having every part under the sun is also not practical.  It’s too expensive.  This problem is compounded by the many systems that plumbers use – PEX, sweat, CPVC, push and more.  Having every fitting, valve and accessory for these systems costs way too much.  What’s a distributor to do?

Hubz helps.  How?

Hubz is modular.  This means that wholesalers can stock less and have more.  For example, Hubz stop valves have a system connection adapter and a separate valve that connects to this adapter.  Seems simple, and it is, but there is a lot of value in this simplicity.

By having a separate system adapter – in crimp PEX (F1807), expansion PEX (F1960), CPVC, sweat and push – from the valves that are available in angle and straight and in all major outlet types (hose, ½”  compression, ⅜” compression and ¼” compression), distributors and contractors can have any stop solution.  Hubz can take over 40 to 60 skus and turn it into 9.  Of course, teaching contractors how to buy these in bulk and when to buy them in kits will be a little work, but, the inventory savings is very real for the entire distribution chain.

The nature of the modularity also saves the plumber time and other installation benefits.  When purchased (and sold) in a system, Hubz offers more value still as the same receivers, adapters and valves can be used on products ranging from Tap-a-Tees to Manifolds to Sillcocks and many other solutions.


Inventory Savings & The Contractor

Contractors are also concerned about inventory savings – whether it is for shop inventory or truck inventory. They also want to choose systems and products that are flexible and modular – as they allow for field decisions and adjustments that are better for speed.  Not having the right part at the time of the installation is a big problem.  It’s expensive.

Hubz helps.  How?

Contractors can stock fewer skus on their trucks and in their shops.  This saves space.  This also saves money.  But even while the plumber has fewer items in stock, the plumber will actually have more options at his disposal.  For example, if he adopts the Hubz system (even if only for the labor savings, other installation benefits or even just the price!), he will have the modular system in stock – which will empower other savings and solutions.  For example, the tool-free Hubz stop valve can be used on manifolds, boxes, Hubz stub outs, Tap-a-tees and even on the branch of a Hubz tankless water heater connector.  The Hubz adapters can be used throughout the system in a similar way.

The modularity of the system adds value in a compounded fashion.  This inventory savings value helps in other ways.  If you stock Hubz, you are less likely to have to run to the shop, the store or the distributor.  Having the right part at the right place at the right time is a giant part of a plumber’s work.  The install is not so bad.  And, it is even easier when it is tool free and Hubz!


There are many Hubz solutions – and many more coming: check valves, boxes, copper stub outs, standard ball valves, sillcocks, fittings and more.   They all save time.  But, there are other benefits too –as noted above.

Open an account if you are a distributor or want to be.  If you are a plumber, ask your favorite distributor to become a partner to Tribal.

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